Electronic Publishing

We help our customers publish newsletters and other information over the internet at resonable prices. Several of Glotrans' customers have created successful internet-based publishing businesses by making their scholarship available to paying subscribers.

Attorney's Briefcase

Attorney's Briefcase, for example, provides legal research documents through a CD-ROM subscription or on a pay-per-use basis at its website. Various levels of subscription are available. A web-based admin tool allows the system manager to update both content and subscription information.

Ultimate Option Strategies

Ultimate Option Strategies follows a somewhat different model. Monthly suscribers receive a newsletter via email. Subscriptions can be set up, renewed and cancelled via the website. The system manager uses simple admin tools to update the content of the website and distribute newletters ready for publication.

Glotrans can tailor a publishing system to your exact specifications. Our core software modules are assembled quickly to create a solution that will match your requirements.